Talking about Whacking/Waacking with Ashley “Colours” Perez

By Emma Doran

Ashley Perez speaks on the origins of Whacking/Waacking

Discover Dance / Image provided by presenter
Ashley Perez

Discover Dance - Ashley Perez (aka Colours)

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
February 12-13 février 2019
12:00-1:00 | 12:00-13:00
Funk, Hip Hop, Urban, Voguing, Waacking

On the Ground

West Coast Swagger

By Jillian Groening

Ralph Escamillan answers questions about his experience training with Modus Operandi, his numerous collaborations and his plans for the future.

Axelle Munezero, Martine Bruneau, Forêt Noire, Handy "MonstaPop" Yacinthe

Phase 1 & Myocarditis

Performance | Spectacle

Montréal  QC
September 24-27 septembre 2015
Sept. 24-26 @ 19:30 | 7:30
Contemporary, Waacking, Urban, Popping

Urban Legends at Toronto's Fringe Festival

Urban dance a nice fit in the Fringe festival formula.


Festival Bust A Move

Festival | Festival

Montréal  QC
April 29-3 mai 2015
Urban, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Waacking


Mixed Pairs

Dance and music collaborations challenge performers at Small Stage point 5 By Andrea Rabinovitch Small Stage point 5

Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, soggy Vancouverites entered the Emerald Supper Club and Cocktail Lounge in Chinatown for Small Stage point 5, a MovEnt production. The younger sister of Dances for a Small Stage, which started in 2002, Small Stage point 5 is Artistic Producer Julie-anne Saroyan’s way of bringing it back down to a small scale and creating collaborations between music and dance in a non-traditional sense.


Waacking and House class with Essence/ Nubian Nene

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
July 27 juillet 2014
2:00 | 14:00, 3:00 | 15:00
House, Waacking

Jack Your Body at Next Stage Festival 2014

Jack Your Body, an homage to American street dance culture by the Mix Mix Dance Collective, appears at this winter’s Next Stage Festival in Toronto.

Bathtub Bran with Emily Law and Ashley Perez

Bathtub Bran (aka Bran Ramsey) jumps in the tub with Emily Law – who explains the difference between waacking and voguing – and Ashley Perez to talk about their upcoming show Jack Your Body at Toronto’s Next Stage Festival.

Project Soul

Discover Dance! Project Soul

Performance | Spectacle

November 28 novembre 2013
12:00 | 12:00
Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Breaking, Waacking

Emily Law shares her Five Eight

“And 5,6,7,8… You lose yourself and enter a world you’ve created away from reality, away from negativity, where nothing exists but you and your movement.”

Mix Mix Dance Collective, Emily Law, Ashley Perez

Jack Your Body

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
July 5-13 juillet 2013
5 @ 8:45 | 20:45, 6 @ 1:45 | 13:45, 7 @ 10:30 | 22:30, 9 @ 3:15 | 15:15, 11 @ 7:30 | 19:30, 12 @ 3:30 | 15:30, 13 @ 12:30 | 12:30
Hip Hop, Voguing, Waacking

Samantha Hinds: Waacking

Among the classes running at Centre de Danse Urban-Element in Montréal this summer, Samantha “Sam I Am” Hinds (aka Princess Shayla) is teaching waackin…

Diana Reyes: Dancing on the Streets of Mumbai

The May/June 2012 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an item on Diana Reyes (aka Fly Lady Di):”Actor, choreographer and dancer Fly Lady…

Bust A Move: International Street Dance Competition in Montréal

Coming up May 4th and 5th, the ninth edition of the international street dance competition Bust A Move hits Montréal, including a day of SoulFull Real W…

Funk Fo Yo Feet: Fantastic Poppers Anniversary Event

This past Saturday, the Fantastic Poppers crew celebrated its 15th anniversary with the 9th annual Funk Fo Yo Feet, a popping and locking dance event wi…