Guelph Dance Festival, in a Nutshell

Rhonda Baker in Nutshell by Toronto-based artist Sharon Moore at this year’s Guelph Dance Festival.


Living, Breathing, Sensing: 605 Collective

The Sensationalists By Andrea Rabinovitch The Sensationalists

Forget the fourth wall. In the world premiere of The Sensationalists, a collaboration between 605 Collective and Theatre Replacement, the first, second and third wall is also up for grabs. The seventy-five-minute piece explores the relationship between performer and audience, using dance, physical theatre and text while exploring every configuration that a proscenium stage with a lobby can provide.


Toronto B-Girl Movement Celebration

Competition | Compétition

Toronto ON
May 30 mai 2015
6:00 | 18:00
Urban, Hip Hop, Breaking, Popping, Locking

Empirical Quotient

Empirical Quotient is a predominantly abstract work that explores themes of self-perception and identity, and elaborates on the human instinct for gregariousness and group dynamics.



Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
June 12 juin 2015
8:00 | 20:00

360 Dance

Breaking Out

By Philip Szporer

In the spectacularly popular gaming arena, dance has been marginalized due to its seemingly limited commercial viability, but that is changing.

f.stop / let the light in by Alias Dance Project

A body lies curled on her side in the corner of an all-white room and begins violently twitching–a scene from f.stop / let the light in by Alias Dance Project for an upcoming show featuring original and remounted work.

Female Turf Dancers

Turf dance is a form of American street dance that combines elements of popping, locking and miming.


Festival Bust A Move

Festival | Festival

Montréal  QC
April 29-3 mai 2015
Urban, Breaking, Popping, Locking, Waacking

Various Artists

Stomp Urban Dance Competition and Showcase

Competition | Compétition

Toronto ON
June 7 juin 2015

Melly Mel Inspires

Mélissa ‘Melly Mel’ Flérangile is committed to re-investing her personal, dance-generated income so that she can offer high-quality dance instruction in under-served, often remote, areas of the globe.

Vincent Mantsoe

NTU & Skwatta

Performance | Spectacle

Peterborough ON
February 3 février 2015
8:00 | 20:00
African, Contemporary, Urban


Presented by Montréal’s Place des Arts, 100lux is an event where young choreographers share their latest urban dance creations with the public.

Audacious Adi

Slide aside Lil Buck, Audacious Adi is here.

H2O Toronto Edition

Competition | Compétition

Toronto ON
November 23 novembre 2014
5:30 | 17:30
Urban, Contemporary, Various

Le Patin Libre

Vertical Influences

Performance | Spectacle

Ottawa  ON
February 27-28 février 2015
7:30pm | 19:30
Ice Dance, Urban

Bach Meets Breakdance

Classical music and urban dance come together with Flying Steps, a Berlin-based breakdance crew touring to Toronto and Montréal in October.


416 Session

Performance | Spectacle

Toronto ON
September 6 septembre 2014
7:00 | 19:00
Urban, Krumping


Canada Krump Workshop Tour

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
September 6 septembre 2014
5:30 | 17: 30
Urban, Krumping

Jasmyn Fyffe, Natasha Powell

Gimme One Riddim

Performance | Spectacle

Markham ON
November 13 novembre 2014
8:00 | 20:00
Contemporary, Urban, Afro-Caribbean

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