Melbourne Shuffle: Canada Represent

From Old School to New School, the Melbourne Shuffle continues to thunder on dance floor raves around the world.

Cirque Éloize: iD

Montréal is taking its place as the world’s premiere circus destination.

Luther Brown: A Jane-Finch Success Story

Giving a voice to its neighbourhood residents, Jane-Finch.

Country Hip Hop: A Dance Craze

Perhaps you missed this American/Canadian craze, but Diane Horner is back making her rounds of YouTube, thanks to FourFour for digging up this video.

Saturday Night Fever: Roaming Dance Party

Speaking of the G20 in Toronto, it looks like dance will be rousing rebellious spirits.

Xbox 360: Kinect

The Xbox 360 is stepping up to the plate with great new gaming technology for dance games.

Everyday Moves: Prison Reformer Broadcasts Dance

The April 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes an article in the series Everyday Moves highlighting a popular YouTube video of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

Blueprint Cru: Top Four on America's Best Dance Crew

We are now into the top four of America’s Best Dance Crew on MTV and the Canadian team, Blueprint Cru, is still hitting it strong.

Blue Print for Life: Social Work Through Hiphop

Up until March 7th, Blue Print for Life is running a week long “Social Work Through Hiphop” program up in the Nunavik community of Kangirsuk.

Melissa Williams: Extreme Dreams, Extreme Dance

The February 2010 issue of The Dance Current print magazine includes a feature on Canadian-born dancer and choreographer Melissa Williams.

Just Dance

It’s been almost two months since the release of Just Dance, the music video game for the Nintendo Wii.

A nightmare of bboy street

The Supernaturalz bboy crew recently represented Canada at R16 Korea - Incheon 2009.


Ofilio Portillo and Crew, Onstage 

By Kathleen Smith “Unbearable Prospect” Gadfly

Street dance has become big business. The virtuosic moves and joyous energy that the original b-boys of New York and Los Angeles brought to street corners, empty parking lots and impromptu clubs of the seventies spawned a genuine movement movement.  


Enunciating History and the Present 

By Samantha Mehra “Kaksori” Mi Young Kim Dance Company

The paradoxical ability of dance to transcend language and yet tell stories stirs the imagination. This fascinating quality was ever-present in “Kaksori”, Mi Young Kim Dance Company’s first full-evening program at Harbourfront’s Premiere Dance Theatre.  


New Hybrid Equations 

By Lys Stevens “Sit back ya’ll”, “pi.r.squared”, “Text Messaging…” Julia Gutsik, Raul Guevara, 4EverFresh, Rebecca Halls, Arcus Intorchao Hula Hoop Duo, Patricia Iraola

Génération bigarrée: a new title for a favourite series within Tangente’s programming. What does this new name suggest? Formerly Danses urbaines (an ambiguous title that became politicized as some artists resisted the fit), this series highlights artists working with high-energy movement forms referencing youth culture.  


Self-expression and entertainment: a fine balance 

By Alana Gerecke, Kaija Pepper Dancing on the Edge 2007  Dancing on the Edge

Another conversation-style festival review with some keen insider perspective. 


Spinning around art and outreach 

By Marie Claire Forté HIP HOP 360 at the Canada Dance Festival  Canada Dance Festival

There is something particular about this Canada Dance Festival (CDF) intermediate year programming, also the festival’s first thematic five-day event. Is it the YouTube trailer, the graffiti artists spraying large wood panels outside the National Arts Centre (NAC) box office, the abundance of youth sporting hoodies and baseball caps, the men outnumbering the women by a proportion of ten to one?  


Two Takes on the Same Show 

By Philip Szporer, Lys Stevens “Take it Back” Solid State

Solid State’s new work, “Take it Back”, is a dance that crosses boundaries, re-sourcing the language of hip hop and the Lindy, presenting elements of street dance and swing in a theatrical setting.  


Elastic Charisma 

By Philip Szporer "Slicing Static" Victor Quijada, Rubberbandance Group

Rubberbandance Group’s “Slicing Static” explores dance and theatre, working thematically with the insecurity and the uncertainty of our lives. Choreographer Victor Quijada warms up the audience members as soon as they enter the big open theatre space of Usine C, a former jam factory in the city’s east end that is home to the dance-theatre company Carbone 14.


Urban Dance: Concertized 

By Lys Stevens DNA: Definitions Non-Applicable - Urban Movements, Images and Sounds  K8 Alsterlund, Sarah Febbraro, Sophia Gaspard, 4Temps, Nicholas Leichter, Serge Takri, Ghislaine Doté

For the second year running Tangente has collaborated with Montréal, arts interculturel, and a third presenter, this year the Gesu, centre de créativité, to frame this particular theme in dance creation, which is emerging in the Montréal contemporary dance scene.  

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