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PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry & Other Spells

Performance | Spectacle

Victoria BC
September 27-28 septembre 2019
Pole Dance

What's In Your Dancebag?

Alex Michelle

Pole and aerial performer and co-owner of Vertika Pole Fitness Studio


Canadian Dance Recognized At Home and Abroad

A list of Canadian artists recently recognized for their dance work.

Jazzy Alix's Winning Performance

North American Pole Dance Championship win for Québec dancer Jazzy Alix.

2013 Canadian Pole Fitness Championships

This video highlights third place winner in the “Pro” category, Polina.

Shanyn Pollard: Pole Dance Champion and Advocate

Shanyn Pollard, Miss Pole Dance Canada 2011, was brought to London by fellow pole dance teachers at Aradia Fitness to share her expertise and values. As…

Milan Pole Dance Studio: Krystel Arbia

In March of 2010, Milan Pole Dance Studio was founded in Milan, Italy, by Canadian Krystel Arbia who was in search of a way to get back in shape. After t…

Miss Pole Dance Canada: Shanyn Pollard

Earlier this fall, on September 10th, Miss Pole Dance Canada 2011 crowned 31-year-old Shanyn Pollard from Grimsby as champion. She came out with four ho...