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World Lindy Hop Day w/ Big Band & Swing Dance Lesson

Fundraiser | Levée de fonds

Toronto ON
May 24-25 mai 2019
Lindy Hop


Toronto Celebrates World Lindy Hop Day

Fundraiser | Levée de fonds

Toronto ON
May 26-27 mai 2018
Lindy Hop

Photo provided by presenter

Toronto Celebrates World Lindy Hop Day

Fundraiser | Levée de fonds

Toronto ON
May 27-28 mai 2017
7:00 | 19:00
Lindy Hop

Photo by Justin Lee
British Columbia Vernacular Jazz Society

Lindy Bout XI

Competition | Compétition

Vancouver  BC
April 20-23 avril 2017
Lindy Hop, Swing


Canadian Dance Recognized At Home and Abroad

A list of Canadian artists recently recognized for their dance work.

Bees' Knees Dance

Learn to Lindy Hop... FREE!

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
August 16 août 2015
Lindy Hop

Toronto Swing Dance Society

Lindy Hop Workshop

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
October 20-27 octobre 2014
20 & 27 @ 7:30 | 19:30
Swing, Lindy Hop


Swinging the night away at Dancing on the Pier

Dancing on the Pier, which takes place every Thursday night from June 26 to September 4 at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, is a high-energy evening full of live music and huge gatherings of dancers and non-dancers alike.


Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
September 19-21 septembre 2014
Swing, Lindy Hop, Jazz

What's In Your Dancebag?

Alain Wong

“Stacy Adams brown dress shoes are my “fancier” shoes with a leather heel for slides and tricks,” says swing dancer Alain Wong of the must-haves in his dancebag.

Ottawa Swing Dance Society: Short Film by Jérémy Prud'homme

This sweet short film by Jérémy Prud’homme was produced for the Ottawa Swing Dance Society (OSDS), featuring dancers Yan Robichaud, Rebecca Geleyn, Bruno…

Forsythe: Sophisticated Crime

YouTube phenomenon takeSomeCrime has been posting since the fall of 2007 and has quite a following. According to the profile on Agency 4 Artists, his b…

Swinging Air Force: Shining in Washington

This past weekend at the International Lindy Hop Competition (August 25th through 28th) in Washington, the Swinging Air Force nailed first place in the…

Bees' Knees Dance: anyone can dance

The Dec/Jan 09/10 issue of The Dance Current print magazine, features an article on social dancing by Kristin Harris Walsh, highlighting the various practices and reasons we Canadians are drawn to these fun community activities.