Love is ...

Love … is a myriad of meaning.

The Marvelous Girl

A dreamscape dancefilm produced by Ballet Jörgen Canada.


Two short dance films both titled Melt.

360 Dance

Reflections on 2014

By Philip Szporer

What follows is a consideration of work that I saw in 2014, listed in no particular order. It is also a message of gratitude to those creators who unfailingly push forward, break boundaries, develop their vision and create worlds in which we, as audiences, can be inspired and challenged.


This short film is a collision of dance, animation and sound that juxtaposes the movements of live performers against the motion of animated projections.

Lost in a Dream

This short film features Svetlana Lunkina lost in a dream.

OK Dance

The American alternative rock band OK Go are known for known their quirky and elaborate music videos. This new video is no exception.


Marie Chouinard designs and directs music video for singer-songwriter Serge Fiori with two Compagnie Marie Chouinard dancers.

Various Artists

Festival Cinédanse

Festival | Festival

Québec City QC
November 21-24 novembre 2014

360 Dance

Dancing the Rite of Spring Today: Bodies, Particles, Technologies and Affects

By Philip Szporer

The way in which dance can exist at the intersection of art and technology can be directly linked to the early work of Thomas Edison, the Lumière brothers and many of their confreres. In Canada, the Montréal-based husband and wife team of filmmaker Denis Poulin and choreographer Martine Époque have been radically recomposing and altering human movement, creating a body of performance that can only exist in virtual form.

360 Dance

A Tangled Obsession

By Philip Szporer

Philip Szporer discusses A Good Madness – The Dance of Rachel Browne, a documentary by Canadian filmmaker Danielle Sturk.

Dancing for Peace

In the context of the commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, dance-choreographer José Navas creates a powerful solo dance, in concert with the Concerto Della Donna ensemble.



By Kate Morris Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Frankie, the newest and youngest member of an exciting contemporary dance company, lives in fear and dread. At work he’s mocked by the choreographer and told to “dance like a man.” Outside of work the city offers no relief: a newspaper headline asks “Should Gays Be Quarantined?” and fresh graffiti screams “AIDS Faggot Die!” The year is 1985, the place San Francisco, and the epidemic has just begun. With his bright yellow Walkman clipped on his belt, Frankie retreats into a music-filled trance.

Margie Gillis and The Shift

Modern dancer and choreographer Margie Gillis discusses the ideas behind The Shift | Reflections, one of four short films presented as part of The Shift: An Immersive Film and Concert Experience, taking place June 17 at the Drake Underground in Toronto.

Canada Dance Festival (CDF)

A Good Madness: The Dance of Rachel Browne

Screening | Visionnement

Ottawa  ON
June 13 juin 2014
3:00 | 15h00
Modern, Dancefilm



Festival | Festival, Screening | Visionnement

Toronto ON
June 14 juin 2014
1:00 | 13:00

Cause and Effect

Installation artist Nic Sandiland’s Trip Hazard morphs together two realities: our physical environment and the digital space.

Chromatic Revelry

A series of ten short films by Vancouver-based artist Evann Siebens called Chromatic Revelry structures the harmonic scale of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier in relation to the chaos of rave culture.

Competition to Screen: The Dance Video Collection Project

The DVC Project is a series of ten dance films professionally shot and edited by film students at Capilano University of dancers from Vibrant Dance Studios and their 2012/2013 competition routines.

Dancing Diggers

Public Energy sponsors films Trash Dance and Pretty Big Dig at Peterborough’s ReFrame Film Festival January 26.

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