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Workshop | Classe

St. John's NL
April 7 avril 2013
6:00 | 18:00
Butoh, Japanese


Butoh and Beyond

By Kaija Pepper Vancouver International Dance Festival

The roots of the thirteen-year-old Vancouver International Dance Festival (VIDF), produced by Kokoro Dance, are in butoh. Review by Kaija Pepper.

CanAsian International Dance Festival

Looking ahead, the 2013 CanAsian International Dance Festival is set to take place April 27th through May 12th in Toronto. This year’s programming feat…

Gessuri Gaitan: Devining Contemporary and Butoh

Tomorrow in Calgary, Gessuri Gaitan presents Fringe Forms at Dancers’ Studio West. Inspired by his recent studies in Dharamsala, India, and follow…

Kokoro Dance: Rock my body...

Running March 2nd through 11th, the Vancouver International Dance Festival presents dance artists from Vancouver, San Francisco, Montréal, Tokyo and Toron…

Lucie Grégoire & Yoshito Ohno: In Between

This week Lucie Grégoire and Yoshito Ohno complete their collaborative trilogy with In Between, running November 16th through 19th at Agora de l…

Jocelyne Montpetit: La Danseuse Malade

Still running this week, until September 23rd, is Agora de la danse’s presentation of Jocelyne Montpetit in her new work Avril est le mois le plus cr…


It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a VIDF Dancer! 

By Mary Theresa Kelly Vancouver International Dance Festival  Vancouver International Dance Festival 

Although Peter Bingham has never been spotted changing disguise in a telephone booth, the mild-mannered choreographer of the mixed bill titled Life Sentences continues to fight for the truth of contact dance, creating work that is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, with dancers who appear able to leap over tall buildings in a single bound.

Yvonne Pouget: Il viaggio – la smorfia della vita

The Vancouver International Dance Festival has hit the ground running with programming spanning March 1st through 19th, featuring artists from Vancouve…

Sankai Juku: Hibiki

Opening tonight at Place des Arts in Montréal, the internationally renowned butoh company Sankai Juku presents Hibiki.

Floating Seed: Chrysalis

The outdoor series of the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival is heightening spirits this week, including a hypnotic aerial performance by Montréal’s Floating Seed.


The Push/Pull Dynamic 

By Paula Citron “Lost and Found”, “Fidelity’s Edge” Denise Fujiwara, Susie Burpee

DanceWorks, Toronto’s prestigious contemporary dance series, often programs joint concerts that feature shorter works. It is a clever idea on the part of curator Mimi Beck, because it allows for new creations without a choreographer having to self-produce an entire evening.  


Tonight through to the 31st, Agora de la danse presents Jocelyne Montpetit’s new work Nuit_Nacht_Notte, including an artist talk back on the 29th.

Dance Centre announces Isadora Awards recipients

Isadora Awards for Excellence in Choreography, Excellence in Performance and Excellence in Teaching were awarded to Rosario Ancer,…


A Butoh Classic 

By Kaija Pepper “Sunyata” Kokoro Dance, Vancouver International Dance Festival

Who knew it would last? When Jay Hirabayashi and Barbara Bourget of Kokoro Dance launched the Vancouver International Dance Festival in 1998, it was a showcase for international butoh artists. For the first few years, attendance was dismal. Some of the shows were good, some appalling; but looked at in hindsight, audiences were getting a fantastic grounding in the art of butoh.  


Vancouver International Dance Festival 2005

By Kaija Pepper Vancouver International Dance Festival Vancouver International Dance Festival

The fifth Vancouver International Dance Festival at the Roundhouse Community Centre took place from March 8-26, 2005 


Everything Except Time 

By Kaija Pepper Sheepman Dreams Kokoro Dance, Barbara Bourget, Jay Hirabayashi

Kokoro Dance’s “Sheepman Dreams” is an hour-long submersion into the deep, dark consciousness of a long sleep. The slow, earthbound movement traps the dancers and audience in its own unnaturally extended sense of time and space.  

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