Discover Dance: Aeriosa Dance

Performance | Spectacle

September 27 septembre 2012

Artists' Play

Aerial Silks

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
April 26 avril 2013

Artists' Play

Aerial Silks

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
April 24 avril 2013

New Shanghai Circus

Tonight in Saint John (NB), New Shanghai Circus (lead by Mr. Zhao Lizhi) is set to dazzle audiences, much as they have over the last sixteen years. The …

Les 7 Doigts de la Main: PSY

Coming up June 20th through 23rd in Ottawa, Les 7 Doigts de la Main presents PSY: Le Cirque Fou, before touring to France and Austria. The show d…

Les Coquettes: Cabaret Burlesque

Looking ahead to New Year’s Eve, Les Coquettes will be toasting 2012 in Brantford this year on December 31st. As special guests to the Sanderson Centre…

Cirque du Soleil: Michael Jackson

Earlier this month Cirque du Soleil began the North American run of its newest show Michael Jackson: THE IMMORTAL World Tour. This official pre…


Sometimes, the Heaviness of Flight 

By Kathleen Smith “The Great Farini Project” Sharon B. Moore

Inspired by the daring men and women of Victorian-era showbiz, “The Great Farini Project” posits an intense rivalry between two of its most fearless stars – French veteran high wire artist Jean Gravelet-Blondin and his upstart imitator, American William Hunt, aka the Great Farini.

Cirque Éloize: iD

Montréal is taking its place as the world’s premiere circus destination.

Floating Seed: Chrysalis

The outdoor series of the Guelph Contemporary Dance Festival is heightening spirits this week, including a hypnotic aerial performance by Montréal’s Floating Seed.

Cirque du Soleil: TOTEM

Tonight is the closing performance of Cirque du Soleil’s TOTEM in Montréal, which appeared April 22nd though 27th.


On Top of the World  

By Mary Theresa Kelly “The White Spider” Jennifer Mascall

It is understandable Jennifer Mascall’s imagination was ignited by Heinrich Harrer, one of the 20th century’s most famous European mountain climbers and adventurers.  

Dominic Lacasse: Human Flag

This week in Charny, Québec, the gymnastics club, Gymnamic de Charny, is hosting the Championnats de gymnastique et de sports de trampoline 2010.

Daksha Sheth Dance Company: The Way of the Serpent

Tonight and tomorrow in Toronto, Kala Nidhi Fine Arts of Canada is presenting the Daksha Sheth Dance Company in their Canadian premiere of Sarpagati – The Way of the Serpent.

Cirque-tacular: Rehearsal of Lust

Hamilton is gearing up for Thursday’s dinner theatre performance of Cirque-tacular & the Seven Deadly Sins by the aerial dance cirque company A2D2.


New Creators on the Montréal Scene 

By Philip Szporer Danses buissonnières – Classe 2009 & “Surface” Floating Seed Productions

Tangente’s annual Danses buissonnières project invites proposals from emerging choreographers – mainly recent graduates of college and university programs. 


Not Quite a Theatrical Journey 

By Kaija Pepper “STONE:Drift” Julia Taffe, Aeriosa

Climbing a mountain and dancing in a theatre – both are highly physical endeavors that challenge the body and mind. The first, however, is about climbers getting physically from one place to another, while the second involves performers taking an audience on an imaginative journey. When a love of both climbing and dancing collide, aerial or vertical dance is born – and what is the journey then?  

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