Out of Studio II

Alvin Collantes photographs what dance during quarantine looks like for him By Alvin Collantes

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, dancers have been stuck at home, kept away from the studio and the stage. To document dance during this time, we asked three dancers/photographers to capture how they are finding inspiration within their walls and amung their furniture and worldly possessions.

Alvin Collantes is a Filipino-Canadian dance artist, photographer and certified Gaga teacher. He has been teaching Gaga to dancers and non-dancers around the globe including the Philippines, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Thailand and Canada. He is an active contributor to the Queer rave techno culture scene in Berlin and advocates for safe spaces to promote the value of celebrating freedom of expression, creativity and sensuality within oneself.

Collantes is the second of the three artists whose photography is featured in our July/August 2020 issue. Check out Marlowe Porter’s contribution here, and stay tuned for photos from Mika Manning. 

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