Karen Kaeja in Newfoundland

A residency partnership between Creative Gros Morne, Dance NL and Memorial University of Newfoundland / Photos by Dru Kennedy Photography

Last fall, Karen Kaeja (co-founder of Kaeja d’Dance, which is celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary this year) was invited by DanceNL (Newfoundland and Labrador’s provincial dance association), Creative Gros Morne and Memorial University of Newfoundland to be their first dancer-in-residence. Kaeja’s six-week residency was spent in St. John’s and Cornerbrook, and Gros Morne National Park. In preparing an article about this residency (published in our March/April issue), Kaeja shared a number of the fabulous images from her residency. As Kristin Harris Walsh wrote in that article the idea was to “start small, gauge the interest and build from there.” We’re not sure there is anything “small” about these photographs or the residency that they document, but we know that people are interested! ~

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