The Future Dancers of Canada

Part 2

Whether developed in association with professional companies, such as Canada’s National Ballet School, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School or The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, or through pioneering programs, like Canada’s first university-level dance program at York University in Toronto, established in 1970, our professional dance training programs continue to grow in capacity and quality. These schools and universities mould the next generations of dancers, providing them with mentors, practice and support in reaching their goals. There is an increasing demand for the variety of education and training programs on offer. As more and more young people choose to continue their dance education at a professional or bachelor’s level, what kind of work are they creating and what paths are they making for themselves?

The Dance Current asked some professional schools and dance degree–granting institutions from across the country to share photographs from their recent performances. They demonstrate some of the depth and vitality of young Canadian dancers. These images are a glimpse into the future of dance in Canada.

Learn more about some of the amazing recent graduates from these schools.

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