#CanadaDances on International Dance Day 2016

On April 29, dancers from around the world celebrated International Dance Day and in Canada, we linked socially with #CanadaDances.

There were so many great photos and videos, featured here is just a handful of screenshots from the day. If you’re curious to see the collection, search #CanadaDances on InstagramTwitter and Facebook – you never know who you might meet!


With so many great images, it was impossible to pick a best, but we loved the joy and beauty of Toronto-based @polynomialsdance image of their artistic director, Karissa Fyrrar, jumping in Saint-Kitts. @polynomialsdance wins a one-year subscription to The Dance Current and a prize pack from CDA. 

Continue sharing your dance photos with us year-round on Instagram or Twitter @TheDanceCurrent. 











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