#CanadaDances - International Dance Day 2015 Photo/Video contest

On April 29, dancers from around the world celebrated International Dance Day and in Canada, we linked socially with #CanadaDances. In the office, and with the Canadian Dance Assembly, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting dancers from coast to coast, getting together and sharing their love of and for dance. 

There were so many great entries, featured here is just a handful of screenshots from the day. If you’re curious to see the collection, search #CanadaDances on InstagramTwitter and Facebook – you never know who you might meet!


It was impossible to pick a best image/video but we all smiled and re-watched @houseofdam from Edmonton’s vogue around a cruise ship. @houseofdam wins a one-year subscription to The Dance Current and a backpack and water botte from CDA. 

Continue sharing your dance photos with us year-round on Instagram or Twitter @TheDanceCurrent. 

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