Three-Year Study, the Longest of Its Kind, Shows the Positive Effects That Dancing Has on Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

For three years, 16 participants with the disease took part in weekly 75-minute dance classes. When compared to a control group, those who danced saw no progression in their motor or non-motor symptoms.


Research Spotlight: Checking In With the Mental Health of Performing Artists

A little more than a year into the pandemic that closed down performance venues, various organizations are looking into the mental health and well-being of the nation’s artists. Unsurprisingly, we’re not scoring high.


I Am Pride

Curated by Ralph Escamillan, these 5 profiles demonstrate some of the immensity and variety of Canada’s many Queer communities. By Catherine Abes, Abeer Khan, KC Hoard, Max Gao, Dhriti Gupta


Keep On Calling

Aria Evans follows up on A Calling In one year after its publication, continuing her investigation of the dance sector and the work that needs to be done to unlearn systemic racism and in the name of solidarity. By Aria Evans


Dena Davida Inducted as a Member of the Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec

Dena Davida, Montreal-based dance artist, teacher, researcher and curator, has been inducted as a member of the Ordre des arts et des lettres du Québec. Among her many contributions, Davida is renowned for co-founding and leading Tangente, the first dedicated venue for presenting contemporary dance in Quebec, from 1980 to 2019.


Wanted Rides the Line Between Campy and Cool

The world of the cowboy is the setting for CAMP’s exploration of good and evil, but the idea that hero and villain can be a matter of perspective applies to us all. By Tessa Perkins Deneault


Mama, do we die when we sleep? Explores Wonder in a World of Responsibility

Vancouver’s Dancing on the Edge Festival 2021 kicked off with a welcome return to live performance on the West Coast. Mama, do we die when we sleep? by Rachel Meyer was not the only sold-out show on the program, but it did sell out remarkably fast, even when extra tickets were added last-minute. By Rachel Silver Maddock


The Career Chronicles II

Continuing from the Spring 2021 issue, “The Career Chronicles” features dance artists who vigorously pursue parallel careers and delves into how their multi-faceted lives breed inspiration. By Emily Pettet


The Living Performance Environment in MOTHER sound / body Presents a World of Possibilities

The show presents a “living” performance environment that responds to dancers almost like a co-performer, and the possibilities of that technology seem endless. By Rachel Silver Maddock


The World’s First Indigenous Fringe Festival Opens This Summer

Trent University in Peterborough, Ont., is welcoming the world’s first Indigenous fringe festival. Nogojiwanong Indigenous Fringe Festival (June 21-27) boasts six Indigenous arts companies and a total of 18 drive-in performances. It opens tonight at 6 p.m. ET on Facebook Live.


Andrea Vagianos Wins Dora Ancillary Award for Outstanding Leadership in Administration

Vagianos’s award highlights the work of a senior arts administrator with more than 10 years of experience. The award also points to the critical work of operational managers and directors that kept their organizations afloat during the pandemic.


What Kind of World Do We Want?

Red Sky Performance’s Mistatim is getting a digital reinvention. The story explores truth and reconciliation with the aim of educating children and asks us to consider the kind of world we want to inhabit. By Robyn Grant-Moran