Feminism and Bellydance

The Bellybutton Revolution By Yasmina Ramzy

My mother was a devout participant in the feminist revolution. When I grew up and became a bellydancer, needless to say, my mom was perplexed and wondered where she had gone wrong.

Feature: Stuck in the Middle

A Story About 14 Mid-Career Independent Dance Artists in Toronto By Shannon Litzenberger

In December 2009, a group of eight mid-career independent dance creators came together to discuss the challenges they were facing as artists living and working in Toronto and to explore new ways of working collaboratively.

Top 10 Conference Takeaways

Reflections on the CDA National Conference

Counting down …

Not Your Average Dance Conference

CDA National Conference Sept. 23-25, 2010 By Kate Cornell

It was no coincidence that the Canadian Dance Assembly’s (CDA) conference happened at the National Ballet School in Toronto during Culture Days.


Reconsidering Public Space

The Complete Artist Interviews By Brittany Duggan

Interviews with creators/performers of site-specific dance in public space.

Canadian Tap Dance

On Stage and Screen By Lys Stevens

On February 12th, choreographer and soloist Brock Jellison joined 120 volunteer tap dancers performing at Vancouver's BC Place for the 2010 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies.

Dance in Public Schools

A Study (excerpt)

The following is an excerpt from the concluding chapter of Mark Richard's MA thesis, titledFinding the key to dance in elementary schools: A study of the current status of dance education in one Ontario school board.

Gradimir Pankov

On Choreographers, Dancers and Life Before Les Grands By Philip Szporer

It’s a brutal, bone-chilling, windy Montréal afternoon. As a gust literally blows me indoors, Gradimir Pankov, artistic director of Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montréal (Les Grands), greets me with a friendly smile and open arms.


Dance Scenes From the Interior

In process with Jeanne Renaud By Richard Simas

She whispers to a technician while shooting a sequence for her current dance-film project, Blanc Noir ou Rien, (White Black or Nothing) and steps lightly behind the camera dolly as it traces a wide circular path around performers Louise Bédard and Sylvain Émard.


Recent Research and Debate By Nathan Payne

Editor's Note: In the November 2009 print issue of The Dance Current, our "Healthy Dancer" column focussed on the body's need for and use of protein. A discussion ensued in our letters to the editor in December/January 2009/10, which inspired writer Nathan Payne to develop a longer article on the topic.


A "Selfish" Impulse Turned Invitation

Older and Reckless is Ten By Carol Anderson

Older and Reckless, started by Toronto-based dancer/choreographer Claudia Moore, is celebrating its tenth anniversary season in 2009/10. A full programming history to date follows this article.

The Demise of Le Groupe Dance Lab

The End of An Era, Part 2 By Michael Crabb

Ottawa's Le Groupe Dance Lab, for more than twenty years a vital incubator of dance creativity under the artistic direction of Peter Boneham, closed permanently last summer.

The Demise of Le Groupe Dance Lab

The End of An Era, Part 1 By Michael Crabb

For those not watchful of events at Ottawa's Le Groupe Dance Lab, the July 31st announcement that it would be closing its doors forever came as a stunning shock.


First Last Thoughts

On Michael Jackson and Pina Bausch By Seika Boye

When pop icon Michael Jackson and German choreographer Pina Bausch died within five days of one another in late June, my Facebook homepage was suddenly filled with the voices of dancers.