Emerging with Resilience

Eking Out a Life in Dance By Kate Morris

Emerging dancers, like their peers in other arts sectors, require determination, ingenuity and discipline. Graduates today seem better equipped to deal with the realities of a career in dance, but they require a strong professional network and community in order to persist. Easing the transition has become a goal for a number of service organizations, while grassroots initiatives and collectives provide spaces of creation and exploration, as well as mentorship opportunities, that keep them dancing.


SummerWorks Performance Festival Turns Twenty-Five and Formally Invites Dance Out

Interview with Amelia Ehrhardt – SummerWorks Dance Curator By Marie France Forcier

Since the winter of 2014, Toronto-based dance artist Amelia Ehrhardt has been exponentially developing her curatorial profile through the umbrella of Flowchart, a self-founded, small-scale multidisciplinary performance series. Garnering recognition for the quality of her work, Ehrhardt is now SummerWorks’ first dance curator, right in time for the performance festival’s twenty-fifth anniversary.


A Meeting of Minds

Merce Cunningham archivist David Vaughan and Pepper Fajans at Montréal’s Fringe Festival By Philip Szporer

Fringe festival-going can be a distinctly hit-or-miss experience. It was my great surprise to happen upon Co. Venture, a beauty of a show produced and developed by the fledgling Brooklyn Touring Outfit in its world premiere. The piece, performed by the duo, is about their cross-age friendship.


Dance and Objecthood

By Ben Portis

In dance training, personality routinely gets tamped down. The dancer’s discipline begins with conditioned sublimation of his or her individual identity and experience, let alone spontaneity and expression. This leaves dance in a curiously anachronistic position with respect to a new generational trend in the arts – interdisciplinarity.


Staging Sustainability with William Yong in vox:lumen

By Brittany Duggan

Choreographer William Yong premiered his new work vox:lumen at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre Theatre from March 4 to 7, 2015. The work is powered by kinetic and renewable energy and asks: what does a show that is powered by sustainability look like?


Odysseo with Darren Charles

By Armando Biasi

Before starting hip hop classes at the age of fourteen, Darren Charles trained as a decathlete and high-board diver. He is now the choreographer and resident director for Odysseo the wildly popular equine extravaganza produced by Cavalia.


Beyond the ephemerality of dance

The positive impact artists can have in the fight against climate change By Eric Beauchesne

Eric Beauchesne talks about the positive impact dance artists can have in the fight against climate change.


Dancemakers: Between Promise and Peril

Part III: What Happened to Me By Michael Trent

In April, our former editor, Kathleen Smith, commissioned Michael Trent to write about the new creation/production model at Dancemakers. In this final piece of writing, Trent speaks about his early departure from the company and where he left this new model after the board of directors decided to not renew his contract as artistic director.


Dancemakers: Between Promise and Peril

Part II: The Incubation/Production House Model By Michael Trent

In April, our former editor, Kathleen Smith, commissioned Michael Trent to write about the new creation/production model at Dancemakers. In Part II of this writing series, Trent speaks about that model and the context from which it was born.


Dancemakers: Between Promise and Peril

Part I: Context By Michael Trent

In April, our former editor, Kathleen Smith, commissioned Michael Trent to write about the new creation/production model at Dancemakers. Here, Trent speaks about that model, but also about the context from which it was born and the personal effects it has had. This is a three-part series.


Zouk Alors! A Look at the Popular Brazilian Social Dance

By Naushad Ali Husein

In early August, Toronto played host to the Zouk Exchange, welcoming dance participants and aspirants from all over the world. The Exchange featured social dance events, historical seminars on the form and a competition, but internal pressures within the community have led the organizers to announce the end of the formal event. We stop to ask: what is zouk and where did it come from?


In Conversation: Brazilian Dance in a Canadian Context

Adrianna Yanuziello and Newton Moraes By Kate Morris

In the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup of soccer in Brazil, our editor, Kate Morris, sat down with two Toronto-based dancer-choreographers to discuss Brazilian dance – what they discovered was just how polyvalent and multifaceted Brazil and its dance can be.


Canada Dance Festival Roundup

By Lys Stevens

In June, as festival season takes flight across Canada, the Canada Dance Festival (CDF) kicks off in Ottawa. I took on the CDF by bike, for the ease of speed when moving from one venue to another.

Forging Connections in and Through Dance Education

Pulse Ontario Dance Conference By Megan Andrews

As the school year comes to a close, The Dance Current reports on the Pulse Ontario Dance Conference held in May in North Bay. Dance is part of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s mandated curriculum and our executive director, Megan Andrews, asks “How is dance happening in public schools?”