Dancemakers: Between Promise and Peril

Part I: Context By Michael Trent

In April, our former editor, Kathleen Smith, commissioned Michael Trent to write about the new creation/production model at Dancemakers. Here, Trent speaks about that model, but also about the context from which it was born and the personal effects it has had. This is a three-part series.


Zouk Alors! A Look at the Popular Brazilian Social Dance

By Naushad Ali Husein

In early August, Toronto played host to the Zouk Exchange, welcoming dance participants and aspirants from all over the world. The Exchange featured social dance events, historical seminars on the form and a competition, but internal pressures within the community have led the organizers to announce the end of the formal event. We stop to ask: what is zouk and where did it come from?


In Conversation: Brazilian Dance in a Canadian Context

Adrianna Yanuziello and Newton Moraes By Kate Morris

In the lead-up to the FIFA World Cup of soccer in Brazil, our editor, Kate Morris, sat down with two Toronto-based dancer-choreographers to discuss Brazilian dance – what they discovered was just how polyvalent and multifaceted Brazil and its dance can be.


Canada Dance Festival Roundup

By Lys Stevens

In June, as festival season takes flight across Canada, the Canada Dance Festival (CDF) kicks off in Ottawa. I took on the CDF by bike, for the ease of speed when moving from one venue to another.

Forging Connections in and Through Dance Education

Pulse Ontario Dance Conference By Megan Andrews

As the school year comes to a close, The Dance Current reports on the Pulse Ontario Dance Conference held in May in North Bay. Dance is part of the Ontario Ministry of Education’s mandated curriculum and our executive director, Megan Andrews, asks “How is dance happening in public schools?”


What does “risk” mean to me?

By Cathy Levy

Assessing risk is a curious proposition in the arts, as it’s neither scientific nor mathematical. It’s all about choice, and how, as a presenter, producer or curator, you balance those choices.

What would a presenter do?

Compiled by Brittany Duggan and Kathleen Smith

We asked the question to artists and presenters across the country “How could dance presenters or curators better contribute to growing/enriching the Canadian dance milieu?” Collected here is what an articulate and brave few had to say.


Randy Glynn on Dancing in the Third Act

By Paula Citron

Paula Citron interviews Randy Glynn about this summer’s Dancing in the Third Act project.


An Audience with Lila York

Choreographer of RWB's The Handmaid's Tale By Holly Harris

Celebrated American choreographer Lila York arrived in Winnipeg this fall to stage The Handmaid’s Tale for Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet (it opens in Winnipeg on October 16). Holly Harris chatted with her about women’s rights, the challenges of transforming words into movement and what she learned during her twelve-year tenure with Paul Taylor.


How do you handle pain?

We asked a handful of practitioners across the country how they deal with, work with and otherwise live with the pain that goes hand-in-hand with a career in dance.


Across Oceans

AI13’s Live Streaming Project By Kathleen Smith

Stream, a ballet featuring live streaming, was a highlight of AI13 at Canada’s National Ballet School.


Rite Redux

Sacre Celebration at York University By Marie France Forcier

The Sacre Celebration: Revisiting, Reflecting, Revisioning, a conference hosted by York University, recently took place in Toronto.


Knowing Not Knowing

Improvised Choreography in Contemporary Dance By George Stamos

Writer, performer and choreographer George Stamos explores creative approaches that combine set parameters with spontaneous choice.


The Projected Body

41st Dance on Camera Festival in New York By Philip Szporer

When the Dance on Camera Festival (DCF) beckons with its annual call for submissions, there’s generally a current of excitement that ripples through the dance-film community. Report by Philip Szporer.