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Jenn Goodwin

Your Timing is Perfect and other wall works

Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo courtesy of Jenn Goodwin

Toronto ON
January 10-12 janvier 2014
6:00 | 18:00

Gallery TPW
170 St. Helens Avenue, M6H 4A1


Continuing our interest in the relation between liveness and images, Gallery TPW presents Your Timing is Perfect and other wall works, a new work by Toronto choreographer Jenn Goodwin. Working across disciplinary institutions, Your Timing is Perfect was developed within the context of a lens-based gallery, traditionally imagined as a space for wall works. Through the conceptual frame of portraiture, the piece explores the possibility of connection across time - with strangers and friends, performers and audiences, between a sense of self and collective and the walls of a room. Performers in the work see themselves and their stories as objects, icons and images, they examine practices of looking, how we see and are asked to see. An intimate, 360 degree, durational performance/movement experience, audiences are welcome to come and go from the work at their leisure. Stay for ten minutes or for four hours.
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