Workshop with Andrew Harwood

Workshop | Classe

Vancouver BC
March 27-31 mars 2017

Presented by | Diffusé par: EDAM (Experimental Dance And Music)
EDAM Studio Theatre
303 East 8th Ave.
$200 | 200$

In these classes, you will explore the many facets of suspension. This term has many meanings depending on the context. In a physical sense you can focus on the suspension of your weight in the air. This permits a stretch of time and allows freer movement as you float or hang for a moment longer, delaying a fall. It’s also a system of springs or shock absorbers in your body by which you are cushioned from the impact of our mass into the floor, allowing for softer landings. It may also refer to the postponement of a judgment, an impulse, a decision or an opinion as in suspending our disbelief.

For registration and more information visit edamdance.org.

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