Kaeja d'Dance

Wind Down Dance

Performance | Spectacle
  • Drew Berry

Toronto ON
November 2 novembre 2019

Presented by | Diffusé par: Kaeja d'Dance
IGAC Studio
180 Shaw Street

Pay-What-You-Want - all are welcome!

Presented by Kaeja d’Dance and curated by Karen Kaeja, Allen Kaeja and Michael Caldwell, Wind Down Dance will wind down your week with dance - informal and to the point. This event is pay-what-you-want and all are welcome!

NOTE: This iteration of Wind Down Dance is on SATURDAY rather than on Friday as usual and the venue has changed as well.

The Line Up: Sophie Dow (Creative Risk Residency), The Cyborg Circus Project (Shay Erlich & Jen Roy) (Creative Risk Residency), Peter Kelly, Atri Nundy, Dana MacDonald, Irma Villafuerte. Wheelchair accessible venue.

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