Battery Opera

Walking Projects: “Vancouver, crawling, weeping, betting"

Performance | Spectacle

January 17-1 mars 2014

Chris Bose and David McIntosh, retrace their separate trajectories through the streets of the city. Their memories, reanimated wraiths and the spirits imbibed are recorded in a series of twelve stories and accompanying maps. Installed in the gallery, these reports and boundaries document their embodied experiences of Vancouver. Afternoon guided city tours, late night improvised art salons and witching hour solos, will enable guest artists, citizens and visitors to respond, react or ignore the reflected world of Bose and McIntosh. Bring your ghosts, bring your body, have a drink and take your chances. Join the conversation about this city, your place, our past and its spirits - both the ones that stubbornly linger, and the ones that enable forgetting.

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