Rhonda Baker, Votive Dance

Votive Dance Presents In Pursuit

Performance | Spectacle
  • Design by Sue Healy / Photo by Alanah Correia

Halifax NS
April 28-30 avril 2016
8:00 | 20:00

The Sonic Temple
1674 Hollis Street
$15-$20 | 15$-20$

Votive Dance presents two new works featuring Halifax artists through their presentation, In Pursuit. In Pursuit features “be wild er”, choreographed by Rhonda Baker, and “What We Want”, by Kathleen Doherty.

“be wild er” by Rhonda Baker features Kara Friesen, Stephanie Mitro and Kathleen Doherty. This work explores how the dancers’ realities live within the work. Rhonda explains: “We arrive together, placing our own intricate realities into a newly defined space, dress it up and make it feel like a space we could inhabit together, to have a shared experience.”

“What We Want”, choreographed by Kathleen Doherty features Vivika Ballard, Michele Slattery and Lydia Zimmer. This work shares a personal side of each of the dancers, while exploring who they are and who they are not. Audience members will reminiscence and relate to the dancers and the different scenarios they encounter throughout the piece.

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* International Dance Day event *

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