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Toronto International Dance Festival

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TiDf 2018 PROMO2Video courtesy of presenter
Video courtesy of presenter

Scarborough ON
July 7 juillet 2018
3:00 | 15:00

Albert Campbell Square
150 Borough Drive
Free | Gratuit

The 5th annual Toronto International Dance Festival 2018 is a summer series open to all kinds of dance, traditional or modern, for all age groups and of all races and cultures, both locally and out of province. There will be workshops and dance seminars conducted by professional dance choreographers or instructors. The TIDF is a dance festival that aimes to provide a single platform for professional and emerging dancers from various diverse cultural backgrounds in Toronto to showcase their talent in the performing arts. More than 60 dance styles and more than 100 dance companies have participated in this festival, and each year more than 300 emerging and professional level artists are provided a platform to showcase their talents.  

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