Lina Cruz

Tic-Tac Party + YLEM

Performance | Spectacle
Tic-Tac Party + Ylem - Lina Cruz : AgoraTic-Tac Party + Ylem by Lina Cruz
Tic-Tac Party + Ylem by Lina Cruz

Montréal  QC
March 15-18 mars 2017
15-17 @ 19:00 | 7:00, 18 @ 16:00 | 4:00

Wilder Espace Danse (The Wilder)
1435 Rue de Bleury
22$-35$ | $22-$35

Two works on the cycle of things, time and life to draw from them the foundations, the original matter, and to make a dance emerge, a meeting of body and nature?

Lina Cruz offers two works on the cycle of life and time. One is also in collaboration with the dancers of Throwdown Collective (Toronto), Ylem, which reminds us of the name given by Aristotle to the fundamental substance of all matter. What will these curious choreographic alchemies give birth to? A new dance, condensed matter, resulting from another life? Or otherwise, a return to the roots?

For tickets and more information visit agoradanse.com.

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