Battery Opera, The Dance Centre (Scotiabank Dance Centre)

The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body

Talk | Conférence
  • Photo provided by presenter

Vancouver BC
March 27 mars 2018
5:00 | 17:00

Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie St.
Free | gratuit

The Talking, Thinking, Dancing Body (TTDB) is a facilitated conversation about aesthetics, context and artistic process. TTDB encourages speaking about performance from an awareness of our bodies as well as the world it lives in. It unabashedly interrogates the body in performance through a lens that is concerned with anti-colonialism, anti-racism and feminism. The 2017-18 season sessions will be facilitated by Justine Chambers, Sadira Rodriguez and Lee Su-Feh, scribed by Alexa Mardon. Hosted by battery opera performance in partnership with The Dance Centre. Additional information here.

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