SummerWorks Festival

SummerWorks Performance Festival

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  • Thus Spoke... by Daniel Léveillé Danse

Toronto ON
August 7-17 août 2014

SummerWorks is the largest juried performance festival in Canada, featuring predominantly new Canadian works in multiple genres. Taking place August 7 to 17 in Toronto, SummerWorks aims to encourage risk, questions and creative exploration while promoting the arts. This year’s dance events at SummerWorks include Black or Ange by The Chimera Project, Common Fate by Zeesy Powers, Écoute pour voir by Danse Carpe Diem/ Emmanuel Jouthe, Fathers & Sons by the Kamino Family, Flowchart by Amelia Ehrhardt, Jacqueries, Part 1 by Jacob Niedzwiecki,Thus Spoke… by Daniel Léveillé Danse and Weaves Through Time by Allison Cummings.

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