Ismailova Theatre of Dance

Summer Dance and Physical Theatre Intensive

Intensive | Atelier
Blue Lantern trailer

Toronto ON
August 6-22 août 2017

This two week intensive course is aimed at dance or theatre students who are passionate about entering professional world of performing arts. There will also be a Foundations program for community members and beginners.
Students will focus on contemporary dance, contemporary ballet, floor work, improvisation and physical theatre through rigorous workshops and rehearsals.
Students will be able to participate in creation and production of a full-length showcase. They will learn about different components of a show (creation, rehearsals, lighting, sound, different roles in production etc.); the purpose being to prepare students for work in professional dance or theatre environment.
Community program students will learn foundations of dance.

Audition age groups:
8 years old - 13 years old
13 years - 18 years old
18 years old and above

After audition selected students will be divided according to their level:
professional/preprofessional, intermediate, beginner/foundations.


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