Cas Public

Suites Curieuses

Performance | Spectacle
Suites Curieuses - Cas PublicVideo courtesy of Cas Public
Video courtesy of Cas Public

Montréal QC
November 8 novembre 2017
10:00 | 10:00

Maison culturelle et communautaire de Montréal-Nord
12004, boulevard Rolland Montréal-Nord (Québec) H1W 3W1
514 328-5630 

Freely inspired by one of the western world’s best-loved fairytales, Suites Curieuses alternates between shadow and light to reveal a sparkling quartet. In a subtle chassé-croisé, three men and woman come and go, mischievously embodying and breathing life into the famous characters from Little Red Riding Hood. This short piece works to captivate and appeal to the imagination of adults and children alike; and with this work, the company marks its 25th year of existence by turning over a new leaf: the ultimate work for all audiences aged 4 and up.

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