Mari Osanai, Yuko Kaseki

Spring Butoh Intensive: Root and Stem - Impromptu and Noguchi Taiso

Workshop | Classe
  • Photo courtesy of presenter

Edmonton AB
March 19-23 mars 2018
10:00 | 10:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Mile Zero Dance
Spazio Performativo
10816-95 St

This intensive offers Noguhi Taiso training with Mari Osanai (Japan), and a Butoh Dance Workshop / “Root and Stem - Impromptu” with Yuko Kaseki (Germany). The workshop’s emphasis is to develop original movement through body awareness, sensitivity, and also discover hidden dynamic energy. The physical training is based on Noguchi gymnastics, elements of Tai-Chi Dao-yin and Butoh methodology. The workshop offers solo, duet and group improvisations with image, element, space, and relationships. Through intensity and reduction, dancers can dive deeply into stillness/movement and translate it into individual manifestations. It is important for each person to find their own unique body, physical reality and exposure of existence. Cost: $400 for full workshop (includes both classes for the full week), $300 for half workshop (includes one class per day for the full week), $65 drop-in at the door (limited spots available).

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