Dana Michel

So So Silky Silky Silk: Scoring Yellow Towel

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  • Dana Michel in her work Yellow Towel / Photo by Maxyme G. Delisle

Montréal QC
September 4-13 octobre 2018

Presented by | Diffusé par: SBC galerie d'art contemporain | SBC Gallery of Contemporary Art
SBC Galerie sur d'art contemporain
372 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, espace 507

In the performance writing residency So So Silky Silky Silk: Scoring Yellow Towel, choreographer and live artist Dana Michel joins poet and editor Michael Nardone in order to create a score of Michel’s iterative, improvisational choreographic work Yellow Towel (2013). This solo piece – which Michel has performed over the past 5 years and was recently awarded the Venice Biennale’s Silver Lion for innovation in dance – is exceptional for its excavation of a range of subjectivities and embodiments. Throughout, the performance’s principals of uncertainty and ambiguous signalling equally unnerve and enthrall. ‘I am always trying to run away from any pinning down of what I am trying to do or say,’ Michel states of the work. ‘I have made a space to kind of communicate that like a cacophony.’ 

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