Ziyian Kwan, Dumb Instrument Dance, The Biting School

a slow awkward & The Righteous Floater

Performance | Spectacle
  • Ziyian Kwan and James Gnam in their work a slow awkward / Photo by Chris Randle

Vancouver BC
November 19 novembre 2015
8:00 | 20:00

Scotiabank Dance Centre
677 Davie St.

Created and performed by Ziyian Kwan in collaboration with James Gnam, a slow awkward is a kinetically charged collision of opposing energies where violence and vulnerability are used as a metaphor for the duality of masculine and feminine. The Righteous Floater, on the other hand, is a study of the love, hatred, care, destruction and evil that brothers inflict on each other. Based on the Biblical story of Cain and Abel, the work is choreographed and performed by brothers Aryo and Arash Khakpour.

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