Glisse on Ice, KulKat Entertainment, Anton Azanov

Shiver Show: The Magic of Skating & Dance on Stage!

Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo courtesy of presenter

Toronto ON
February 9-10 février 2018
7:30 | 19:30
Matinée: Sat @ 4:00 | Samedi @ 16:00

Glenn Gould Studio
250 Front St. W

Shiver Show is a theatrical performance bringing the world of dance & figure skating to the stage of the CBC Glenn Gould Studio. For the first time in Toronto, Glisse on Ice Shows, Anton Azanov & KulKat Entertainment Inc. have teamed up to present to you the tale of the Ice Queen and her frozen kingdom, in a story told through theater, figure skating & dance. The show incorporates dance elements of Ballroom, Latin, Flamenco and Ballet, Circus elements of Lyra & Pole, musical interludes with female vocals & violin, and of course, figure skating. For more info, visit www.shivershow.ca.

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