Ismailova Theatre of Dance

Seeking Everyday Magicians: An Immersive Digital Live Show

Performance | Spectacle
  • Ismailova Theatre of Dance's "Seeking Everyday Magicians".
    Photo courtesy of the Ismailova Theatre of Dance

Toronto ON
June 13-21 juin 2020
13-20 @ 8:00 pm | 13-20 @ 16:00
Matinée: 21 @ 12:00 pm | 21 @ 12:00

$16-30 | 16-30$

We invite you to travel this new path hand in hand with our company between June 13 and 21 when we open a first immersive dance theatre Zoom experience in Toronto called “Seeking Everyday Magicians”. It is inspired by the works of Spanish genius playwright Alejandro Casona. Tickets can be purchased at www.ismtheatreofdance.blogspot.com. 

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