Sara Porter

Sara does a Solo

Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo courtesy of presenter

Edmonton AB
December 13-14 décembre 2019

Presented by | Diffusé par: Mile Zero Dance
Spazio Performativo
10816-95 St
$15 - $20

This season, Mile Zero Dance (MZD) is asking artists and dancers what they have to say as ethical witnesses to a dying planet, and can the fragility of the human body act as a catalyst for seeing hope? After three decades as a dancer and a writer, Toronto-based artist Sara Porter stands at the collision of the two in her multidisciplinary work Sara does a Solo. Porter turns her writing on herself in an account of what we all face – an aging body and a reflective mind – creating a world where intimacy and pathos, hilarity and beauty co-exist in the physical stories she tells about life as an artist and a parent. 

Learn more >> bit.ly/2BVzEsn 

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