Hannah Etlin-Stein

Safe Dance Practice Workshop-Part 4

Workshop | Classe
  • Photo provided by Hannah Etlin-Stein

Toronto ON
June 25 juin 2017

Body Harmonics
672 Dupont Street,Suite 406

Safe Dance Practice is a 4-part workshop series. Come and join Hannah Etlin-Stein in a four-part workshop series where participants will look at effective ways of incorporating safe dance practice principles into teaching. Throughout a series of four workshops, participants will be introduced to the most current dance science research and learn how to apply it to a teaching environment. Topics will include anatomi-cal and biomechanical principles of alignment, injury prevention and management, integrated and supplementary physical conditioning, warming up and cooling down and psychological aspects of dance practice. These workshops will prepare you for a Healthy Dance Practice Certificate by Safe in Dance International, providing international recognition of your understanding and practical ap-plication of Safe Dance Practice. Upon completion of workshops, participants can apply for a Healthy Dance Practice Certificate. For more information please visit http://www.hannahetlinstein.com/safe-dance-practice.html Evidence your awareness and understanding of the principles that uphold safe and healthy dance practice, assuring employers, parents and your students that you know how to put your dancers’ wellbeing first.

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