Kinesis Dance somatheatro


Broadcast | Diffusion
  • Screenshot courtesy of the company

Vancouver BC
August 12 août 2021

Presented by | Diffusé par: The Dance Centre
Free | gratuit

Rift is a new short film choreographed by Artistic Director Paras Terezakis. Inspired by the last year of seclusion, alienation and discrimination, Rift is a metaphor for healing through acceptance in acknowledging our imperfections. It recognizes the hope and determination needed to move on. It connects all of us. Our life experiences, our scars, the challenges we had to overcome to get where we are… they make us who we are as human beings and thus as a society. The pandemic disrupted us, challenging our ways of life, pushing us to reflect on our broken pattern, insecurities and wrongdoings. What if we were choosing to be mended with gold, emerging from this shattered era stronger at the broken places? Presented as part of The Dance Centre’s Digital Dance series.

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