Marie Mougeolle + Audrée Lewka et les Lewski

Quand je serai grande, je serai (guitariste de) Michael Jackson + Dousse nuit, holey night

Performance | Spectacle
  • Audrée Lewka et les Lewski's Dousse nuit, holey night © William Couture

Montréal QC
October 24-27 octobre 2019
Matinée: Sun at 4pm

Presented by | Diffusé par: Tangente
Member of the CanDance Network | Membre du reseau CanDanse
Édifice Wilder – Espace danse
1435 Rue de Bleury
(514) 525-1500
514 525-1500

• Audrée Lewka et les Lewski •

Dousse nuit, holey night A purring fire, twinkling lights, a plate of cookies, a glass of milk. The table is set for the arrival of a mythical guest. But is it really an invitation or more of an invasion? The big red, white-bearded guy kisses our mother and leaves with the cookies. Three kiddos are called in to wrestle this childhood monument, a paternalist incarnation of docile consumerism. He’s an insidious creature, a chimera with many faces whose icy howls echo throughout the Arctic plains: HO HO HO! But, as Nietzsche wrote, “careful while fighting monsters, lest you become one.” - Onstage: Guillaume Danielewski, David Emmanuel Jauniaux, Victor Naudet. Collaborators: Jessica Collin Boucher, William Couture, Pierre-Luc Lapointe, Emmalie Ruest, Olivier Landry-Gagnon.

• Marie Mougeolle •

Quand je serai grande, je serai (guitariste de) Michael Jackson In this solo, Marie takes hold of Michael Jackson’s world to fuel her own work, paying particular attention to his hybrid practice as a musician-dancer with an extravagant stage presence. In a lunar landscape shaped by sound, she transforms into a moving creature, revealing the singer’s potential for metamorphosis. The duplicity of his character, lying somewhere between icon and monstrosity, brings her to navigate her own complexity. This artistic composition is dreamy and a little bit rock, at once intimate and striking. - Onstage: Marie Mougeolle, Mathieu Mougeolle. Collaborators: Helen Simard, Marijoe Foucher, Hugo Dalphond, Enora Rivière, Camille Mougeolle, Cyril Journet.


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