Gerard Reyes

The Principle of Pleasure

Performance | Spectacle
  • Courtesy of Damian Siqueiros

Toronto ON
February 19 février 2014
9:30 | 21:30

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander St.
$20 | 20$

Inspired by CitiBar, the Montreal dance bar that caters to male to female transexuals and the blue collar men who love them. The Principle of Pleasure is a 30 minute solo dance piece, conceived, choreographed and performed by Gerard Reyes, and which set to original remixes of pop icon Janet Jackson. The delicate black bodysuit, gold-sequined high heels and bushy beard that form Reyes’ costume create a striking contrast to his movements, which draw on vogue, hip hop and striptease. Throughout the piece, Reyes oscillates between being understated/chaste and spectacular/sexual. The minimalist staging includes two mirrors that are angled to, at times, multiply Reyes’s image, creating the illusion of a small army of gender-transgressive superstars.

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