Shannon Litzenberger, Karen Kaeja, Aria Evans, Allen Kaeja

Porch View Dances

Performance | Spectacle
  • Kaeja d'Dance's Porch View Dances 2019
    Photo courtesy of Kaeja d'Dance

Toronto ON
July 17-21 juillet 2019
17-20 @ 7:00 | 19:00
Matinée: 21 @ 1:00 | 13:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Kaeja d'Dance
92 London St.
92 London St.

The audience will gather at 92 LONDON ST. (right by the new Porch View Dances Lane!) at showtime where they will be greeted by our amazing tour guide, Maurycy, who will take them through the Seaton Village streets, stopping to enjoy dance pieces performed by everyday people (families, friends, and even strangers!) on porches and lawns and vignettes danced by professionals in the most unexpected places.

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