Kaeja d'Dance

Porch View Dances

Performance | Spectacle
Porch View Dances Official TrailerVideo courtesy of presenter
Video courtesy of presenter

Toronto ON
July 18-22 juillet 2018
18-21 @ 7:00 | 19:00
Matinée: 22 @ 1:00 | 13:00

Seaton Village Neighbourhood

Pay What You Can

Kaeja d’Dance returns to Seaton Village for the 7th annual Porch View Dances! Join their guide, Maurycy, as he leads you on a dance tour through the neighbourhood. Along the way, see dances performed by everyday people (families, friends, and strangers) on porches and lawns, with vignettes danced by professionals in the most unexpected places. The tour will begin at 595 Palmerston Ave. and will end in a Flock Landing finale. Award-winning choreography by Karen & Allen Kaeja, Pulga Muchochoma, Andrea Nann with Michelle Sylagy, and Kathleen Rea.

For more information, visit kaeja.org.

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