Porch View Dances

Festival | Festival
  • Allen Kaeja with audience

Toronto ON
July 16-20 juillet 2014
Wed-Sat @ 7:00 | mercredi-samedi @ 19:00
Matinée: Sun @ 4:00 | dimanche @ 16:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Kaeja d'Dance
Pay What You Can

Four professional choreographers partner with four families (many who have never danced or performed before) living in the Annex to create dance works that animate the neighbourhood. A unique and inclusive endeavour, Porch View Dances gathers audiences of over 300 per evening, and turns the area’s front porches, streets, alleyways and park into a stage, ending in a celebratory, all-inclusive Flock Landing finale where members of the audience are invited to become active participants.

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