Jean-François Boisvenue, Shion Skye Carter

Nyctophobie + Residuals (住み・墨)

Performance | Spectacle
  • Shion Skye Carter's Residuals (住み・墨) © Akina Chan

Montréal QC
October 23-26 octobre 2021
Matinée: 24 @ 4:00 | 16:00

ÉDIFICE WILDER - Espace danse
1435 De Bleury St. Montreal
514 525 1500
15$ - 30$

Nyctophobie: fear of the dark. That’s where it all started. In this sensitive and autobiographical stage essay, Jean-François explores the recesses of his difficult psychological journey, transposing his episodes of depersonalization and derealization into movement. The inexpressible is made visible through video animations in this intimate journey of bodies and images through generalized anxiety. Sometimes in symbiosis with and sometimes as a counterpoint to space, light, projections, and music, the performer-creator goes through a continuum of states that carry him from nightmare to recovery. 

Residuals (住み・墨) 住み /sumi/ to reside 墨 /sumi/ ink: having emigrated from Japan at the age of 6, Shion first expressed her creativity through traditional art forms, including calligraphy. Motivated by her desire to explore her personal and ancestral story, she has reunited with her former teacher, who is now 81 years old, to reconnect with this practice and recreate it through dance. The brushstrokes not only define the movement, but also the scenography in this world as black and white as the pages of a book. As she drags a rectangular box from one end of the stage to the other like a huge ink stick, she retraces the lines of her cultural heritage, of her immigrant experience, and of her Queer identity. 

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