Vincent Mantsoe

NTU & Skwatta

Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo by Meinrad Heck

Peterborough ON
February 3 février 2015
8:00 | 20:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Public Energy
Member of the CanDance Network | Membre du reseau CanDanse
Market Hall
336 George St. N
705-749-1146; 705-742-9425  

Reflecting on the poverty-stricken life in South Africa’s squatter camps, <i>NTU</i> deals with nothingness, while <i>Skwatta</i> says there is something happening within that nothingness. Both works are politically and socially charged and  revolve around the existential challenge of bridging between the past, the present and the future. Vincent Mantsoe’s Afro-fusion mixes traditional African dance with contemporary Western street styles and martial arts to create an exhilarating and passionate new language. 

Artist talk back after the show | Rencontre avec l’artiste après le spectacle.

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