Sophie Corriveau, Katya Montaignac, BIGICO

Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous et toutes des gigueurs et gigueuses

Performance | Spectacle
  • Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous et toutes des gigueurs et gigueuses by Corriveau and Montaignac / Photo by Cameron Wishnousky

Montréal QC
October 11-13 octobre 2019
6:30 | 18:30

Presented by | Diffusé par: Danse-Cité
Théâtre Aux Écuries
7285, Rue Chabot

This new incarnation of Nous (ne) sommes (pas) tous des danseurs brings together dancers from different rhythmic practices. It’s a forum that sets the stage for each dancer to participate according to his/her experience, sensitivity and reflection. With each contribution, dancers of different ages and disciplines add layers to the evening through singular testimony, in words or in body. Three evenings, weaving together thoughts, bodies and stories, will lead participants as well as spectators through multiple realities and a shared wealth of experience. 

Learn more >> danse-cite.org/fr/spectacles/2019/nous-ne-sommes-pas-tous-et-toutes-des-gigueurs-et-gigueuses

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