Douglas Dunn

Music and Dance: Friends or Enemies?

Workshop | Classe

Toronto ON
November 1-2 novembre 2014

Presented by | Diffusé par: MOonhORsE Dance Theatre
Dancemakers Centre for Creation
9 Trinity St.

This workshop is a rare opportunity to explore dance and music collaboration with contemporary dance maverick Douglas Dunn and his long time musical collaborator Steven Taylor. It is targeted towards professional dancers and musicians, who have either completed a formal training program or have professional experience in their chosen field. It also presupposes the idea of dancers and musicians as creators, and thus seeks those that wish to create in a collaborative way, in some form or another. The workshop will be structured as follows: a morning session devoted to warm-up, training and preparation with dancers and musicians in separate studios, and an afternoon session with all participants working, experimenting and creating together. The workshop goes from 11am - 4pm on both days. 

To register, visit moonhorsedance.com/dunntaylor or email natasha@danceumbrella.net for more information. 



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