Sinha Danse

MoW! Montre(olly)Wood

Performance | Spectacle
MoW! Montré(olly)Wood / 2016 / 3:34 MINUTES

Montréal  QC
October 22 octobre 2016

Place des Arts, Espace Culturel Georges-Émile-LaPalme
260, boul. de Maisonneuve O.
514-842-2112; 1-866-842-2112 
Free | Gratuit

Montré(olly)Wood or MoW! is an original creation inspired by the popular success of the flashmob trend. MoW! brings together nearly 90 non-professional dancers. It combines contemporary western dance and Bollywood, a current style of popular dance based on Indian classical dance and folklore. Over the weeks, several professional dancers and the non-professionals work with Roger Sinha on a choreography created by himself and Bollywood choreographer Deepali Lindblom.

This intergenerational and intercultural creation highlights the value of community and serves as an excellent meeting point between professionals and a variety of citizens. Taking a collaborative and playful approach, MoW! reaches its pinnacle as a festive and contagious large-scale presentation.

This will be the final show of this great adventure. Come attend this unique and free event!

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