LA Dance Project, Benjamin Millepied, Emanuel Gat

Moving Parts & Morgan's Last Chug

Performance | Spectacle
  • Aaron Carr, Nathan Makolandra and Rachelle Rafailedes in Moving Parts / Photo by Laurent Philippe

Ottawa  ON
March 11 mars 2015
7:30 | 19:30

National Arts Centre, Theatre
53 Elgin St.
613-947-7000 x0 

The enormously successful art collective L.A. Dance Project was co-founded in 2012 by eminent dancer-choreographer Benjamin Millepied (the incoming Director of the Paris Opera Ballet) to create new work and revive seminal collaborations from significant dance makers.

Featured on the evening is Millepied’s Moving Parts, for which he teamed up with composer and co-founder Nico Muhly, famed NY visual artist Christopher Wool and fêted fashion label Rodarte. The program also includes the playful Morgan’s Last Chug – a flurry of rapid, dislocated gestures set to the music of Purcell and Bach – by France-based, Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat.

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