The Holy Body Tattoo, Dana Gingras, Noam Gagnon


Performance | Spectacle
  • monumental by Dana Gingras and Noam Gagnon / Photo by Chris Randle

Vancouver BC
January 28 janvier 2016
8:00 | 20:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
630 Hamilton Street, Vancouver BC V6B 5N6

For one night only, Vancouver’s The Holy Body Tattoo dance company unites with post-rock giants Godspeed You! Black Emperor live on stage in a performance that will leave you reeling.

How do you express the madness of urban life—the repetition, the confinement, the alienation? Here, the artists do it by turning movement into metaphor, dance into poetry and sound into substance. The show begins with nine human figures, mounted on pedestals. The eight-member band draws us into a trance as the dancers’ movements—equal measure of balletic grace and brutal athleticism—shifts from gestures of our everyday lives to acts of abandon. The result is unlike anything you’ve seen—as violent, beautiful and cathartic as art can get.

For tickets and more information visit pushfestival.ca.

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