Friday Creeations

Maggie & Me, A healing dance

Performance | Spectacle
  • Christine Friday / Photo by Cylla von Tiedemann

Toronto ON
April 16-19 avril 2020

Presented by | Diffusé par: Native Earth Performing Arts
Aki Studio
120-585 Dundas Street East M5A 2B7

Maggie & Me honours the legacy of women as healers in our communities. Through her ancestral gifts and experiences, the dancer receives a contemporary healing dance. Travelling through dimensional realms of existence – spirit, dream, and present – we are invited into the dancer’s journey of healing and revitalization of the Anishinaabe culture. Created by Christine Friday, the recipient of the 2018 K.M. Hunter Award for Dance, this immersive performance shares the story of how a healing dance can strengthen communities.

Learn more >> nativeearth.ca/1920season/maggieme/

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