Fondation de danse Margie Gillis Dance Foundation

The Light Between

Performance | Spectacle
  • Photo by Michael Slobodian

London ON
November 9 novembre 2013
8:00 | 20:00

Presented by | Diffusé par: Fondation de danse Margie Gillis Dance Foundation
The Grand Theatre, McManus Studio Theatre (London)
471 Richmond St.
519-672-8800; 1-800-265-1593  

The gestation period for The Light Between corresponds to a lifelong artistic quest. When they first met over twenty-five years ago, choreographer Margie Gillis and painter-sculptor Randal Newman unknowingly set the foundation for this work like two sowers casting seeds in a fertile field. This project blends into the language of choreography the sculptural and pictorial elements evocative of the dancer’s body. It never ceased to evolve in order to highlight the vulnerability that all artistic research inevitably requires. The two artists are now reunited along with collaborators Marc Daigle and Paola Styron to reap the fruits of their creation.

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